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Kemetic Realization

Long ago, when the world was younger, The Great Lord Ra visited the mortal world twice a year.
One summer, when Ra was at his strongest, he was walking his usual path in mortal form. He soon found himself challenged by a black adder, and quite an angry one! Ra, being the father of all creatures, learned from the Adder that he had been beset on Ra by a mortal man. Ra was enraged.
He turned to his greatest warrior daughter, Sekhemet.
“I will destroy this mortal!” the lion Goddess declared, “I shall rend him and all who dare defend him!”
Ra knew this, of his daughters, would be to punish this mortal man for his defiance against Him!
Selhemet left in haste, and soon Ra found himself considering his orders and developed doubts.
In his worry, he summoned his most level headed of Children, Bastet.
“Oh dear father!” She said after hearing his story and doubts, “I see exactly what need be done! I need your help!”
Ra granted his help, of course! He helped Bastet brew a most potent beer, which they dyed a deep, blood red.
“With this, Oh Lord, we shall end my sister’s slaughter of men.”
For Sekhemet had indeed lost herself in rage, she killed every mortal that she spotted; her bloodlust could not be sated!
Half of the nearby village was stained with blood before Bastet could intercept her sister.
“My sister!” cried Bastet, “You have battled long and are truly the strongest of all Ra’s Children!”
Sekhemet paused, and addressed her sister.
“Yes! Of course, anything for my Lord and Father!”
Bastet smiled, “Then come! Drink with me the blood of our Father’s enemies!”
Bastet held aloft two great chalices, one to her sister.
Sekhemet laughed, “Oh, sweet Sister of the moon! You wont distract me from tearing apart the mortal whom set upon our Father an adder!”
And so Sekhemet charged into the village; and Bastet wept, then returned to Ra.
“We have no choice, My Lord,” Bastet lamented, “I must deceive my dear Sister.”
Ra only nodded with approval.

Bastet returned to the village, but rather than locate her Sister, she went straight to the river, and turned it to the same blood red beer she had created with her Lord and Father, Ra.
She waited at the bank for Sekhemet to arrive.
When Sekhemet came to the river, night had fallen and the moon shone bright.
The Lioness Goddess stooped to the river and tasted the river.
“Beer and blood!” she cried out, “Ra Blesses me!”
Now Bastet revealed herself to Sekhemet.
“No, he does not, dear Sister! You would not listen to reason, so I am brought low to deceive you.”
Sehkemet was outraged.
“How DARE you! Father sent me on this quest!”
“Yes,” Replied Bastet,”And he sent me on mine! But you would not listen to me about our Lord and Father’s concerns! I have turned the river to beer, and soon you shall not be who you are!”
Sekhemet nearly attacked her Sister in anger, but found herself more content to stay in the river.
“I will not be who I am?”
Sekhemet asked as she looked into the river. Her reflection revealed all! She was no longer a powerful and deadly lioness, but a hippotomus.
“What have you done?!”
“You shall not kill another mortal out of vengeance for our Father, Sister who was once Sekhemet! I call you Hapi!”
Renamed and reformed, Hapi remained in the river, but her hatred of Man is well known. She discovered a new kind of ferocity as her people attack and kill any whom dare enter the river.

So, what prompted this storytelling?

I have always been short tempered, and while in the past I have regretted the confusion of Bastet and Sekhemet for many years, I suddenly realized, for me, that this confusion is understandable. I entered the furry fandom long ago as a lioness and have flip flopped from various fursonas over the years, each change marking a personal growth of some kind.

In recent years I have been through a lot, grown as a person, regressed as a person.

Many friends recently have expressed how they view me; most prominent of comments regarded me as a lion, lion-like or lion hearted.

I realize now, that I must find the balance between cat and lion. I have so long denied the lioness and tried to become as a cat. I have many angers that are within me, and not to belittle the prowess of any feline; but my emotions are deeper than a subtle cat! I am truly a lioness, though more reasonable one than that of good-intentioned but the rage-consumed Sekhemet.

With this change in fursona, I wondered if my Matron Goddess fit me. Then, the other day I realized I am the Sekhemet that took pause and considered her Sister’s words, that my action was not required to revere my Lord and Father, that really nothing good would come of it.

I am now more relieved and comforted by thoughts of Ra and his two daughters, Bastet and Sekhemet, and the feeling that I have again found something about myself I can use to better my life and those around me.




New York-based photographer Leland Bobbé has captured portraits of drag queens for his ongoing project ‘Half Drag… A Different Kind of Beauty.’

"With this series my intention is to capture both the male and the female alter ego of these subjects in one image in order to explain the cross over between males and females and to break down the physical barriers that separate them," Bobbé says.

These images, composed and stylized through the power of hair and makeup, are captured in one snap, and are not digitally composed.

I love makeup so much

ALL this beauty needs to be on my page.

(Source: tabooshi)

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